Guiyang Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau launches campus and surrounding food safety inspections to escort the start of spring school
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  With the opening of schools in various primary and secondary schools, in order to effectively supervise food safety on campus and surrounding areas, and protect the health and safety of teachers and students, the Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau concentrated its efforts Carry out the campus food safety inspection in the spring of 2021.

   During the inspection, the Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau inspected more than 180 school canteens and 4 school-related collective catering companies, school-related food production companies, and the surrounding campus Full coverage of on-site inspections shall be implemented for food and catering business households within 200 meters.

  The law enforcement personnel strictly follow the relevant regulations, focusing on the comprehensive inspection of epidemic prevention and control, food safety, etc.:check the health certificates of the practitioners, and check the cleanliness of the processing environment , Food material storage, purchase certificates and receipts, and implementation of sample reservations, and require schools to seriously implement food safety management systems, conduct self-examination and self-correction of hidden dangers in school cafeterias, formulate emergency plans, and strengthen food safety management. For restaurants and food business stores around campuses, law enforcement officers have strengthened inspections of the main qualifications of business households, requesting certificates, purchase inspections, morning inspection records of employees, disinfection and cleaning of tableware establishments, etc., and require strict control of personnel health and food There are”four customs” in the purchase customs, food storage customs, and processing and manufacturing customs.

   The Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau also makes full use of the school’s “Ming Kitchen and Bright Stove” to improve quality and efficiency. Through the “Campus Food Safety” platform, the district’s primary and secondary schools And kindergartens implement normalized remote supervision, and fully mobilize family committee members to participate in supervision through real-time video monitoring, online problem feedback and other functions, so as to improve supervision efficiency and strengthen supervision.

  As of March 4, in response to the five on-site supervision and rectification found during the inspection, two notices were issued to order rectification.