Guigang City Market Supervision Bureau hits hard on counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas
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   Starting from December 1, 2020, Guigang City Market Supervision Administration has actively strengthened coordination and cooperation with relevant departments such as agriculture and rural areas, commerce, public security, and supply and marketing cooperatives. Effectiveness.
   It is understood that the special rectification action lasted for one year, with convenience foods, snack foods, alcoholic beverages, condiments, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, salt and other foods as the key varieties, and food production enterprises The small food workshops and stalls in the urban-rural fringe area are the key targets for rectification, focusing on checking whether rural food operators hold certificates to illuminate their business operations, check whether the business premises are clean and tidy, and check whether the operators fulfill the purchase inspection system and other food The safety management system inspects the quality of the foods operated, inspects the market operators to strictly fulfill the main responsibility of food safety and fulfills the management obligations, regulates the food quality market access behavior, and strictly controls the quality of food.
   The relevant leaders of the Guigang City Market Supervision Bureau stated that the special rectification of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas is to comprehensively crack down on the production and operation of counterfeit and shoddy food and other illegal activities. Approve typical cases to further strengthen the construction of rural food safety, enhance the food safety awareness of rural consumers, improve the self-protection ability of rural consumers, guide rural consumers to participate in the social co-governance of food safety, and effectively improve the city’s rural food through governance safe question.
   So far, the Guigang City Market Supervision Bureau has inspected 339 production entities such as small food processing workshops, 689 operating entities such as small food and catering vendors, and 1,583 catering service entities, and inspected wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, etc. 468 households in various markets. We carried out 65 propaganda of food safety knowledge going to the countryside into the village, and received and handled 61 consumer complaints and reports. 183 batches of supervision and random inspections were carried out, 26 administrative cases were filed and investigated, the fines were 302,800 yuan, 2 unlicensed and unlicensed business entities were banned, and 4 criminal cases were filed by the public security organs, forming an effective deterrent atmosphere.
   In the next step, the bureau will further mobilize and guide the whole society to actively participate in the governance of rural food safety, enhance the sense of responsibility of rural food operators in the market, standardize the production and sales of rural food, and effectively curb the production and sales of counterfeit and inferior foods, and make Rural residents’ sense of food safety, happiness, and security have been effectively improved.