Gongbei Customs”Cloud Review” Helps Three Agricultural Products Go Global
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   The network is convenient to transmit electronic data, video connection to carry out online review… Gongbei Customs service bee product breeding farm off-site filing and another new move. Gongbei Customs has innovatively implemented the”cloud review” work model for the filing of remote bee products farms to effectively reduce the filing costs of enterprises, and achieve efficiency, cost reduction, manpower saving and superior experience.

   On the morning of March 25, at the office site of Xiangzhou Customs under Gongbei Customs, a number of reviewers sat neatly at the computer desk, or operated the computer, or checked the line carefully Record the application materials, or carefully check the production situation of the honey picking site 300 kilometers away.

  ”It turns out that we are conducting reviews by organizing experts to conduct on-site surveys on the farms and communicate face-to-face with farmers. However, considering that Zhuhai Baoshengyuan Bee Industry Co., Ltd. is in The registration qualification of Guangxi Daxin Base is about to expire, and subsequent requirements for companies to gather beekeepers to accept review may affect the normal production activities of the company. Therefore, we have innovatively introduced the”cloud review” method, which is based on the premise that the procedures are standardized and the standards are not lowered. The evaluation work of the enterprise is completed efficiently.” Yang Lan, Deputy Chief of the Enterprise Management Section of Xiangzhou Customs, introduced.

   It is reported that this is the first time that Gongbei Customs has carried out a”cloud review” on export bee product raw materials farms. The staff of the customs review team connects with the company through video conference software to systematically evaluate its production management system and its implementation effect, the environmental sanitation of the breeding farm, the health status of the hive colony, quality supervision, and medication monitoring. In addition to the review team, experts from the Gongbei Customs Enterprise Management and Inspection Office, company management personnel, and farm site management personnel are also connected simultaneously. In accordance with the prescribed procedures and standards, the review team carefully inquired and checked all aspects of the production site of the farm, and finally agreed that the company passed the continuous filing review.

   It is understood that Zhuhai Baoshengyuan Bee Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces honey, royal jelly, beeswax, etc., because the company’s Guangxi base’s registration qualification is approaching expiration, plus the flowering period In the near future, beekeepers will be rushing to various places to collect honey. In order to avoid missing important production periods, the company urgently needs to complete the continuous filing of the breeding farm as soon as possible. Knowing that it passed the continuous filing review smoothly and quickly, Mo Mingan, general manager of Baoshengyuan, said happily:”Thanks to the customs! The remote review is efficient and convenient. Next, we can gather honey with peace of mind. Our fresh honey will definitely go better this year. Go out.”