“Four Measures” in Kaiyang County, Guiyang City to carry out special rectification of rural food safety
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   In order to do a good job in the supervision of rural food safety, ensure the safety of rural food, and prevent rural counterfeit and shoddy,”cottage”,”three nos” and other foods that endanger the health of the people. Since the beginning of this year, the Market Supervision Bureau of Kaiyang County, Guiyang City has continued to carry out special rectification of rural food safety focusing on rural grocery stores, small workshops, and small restaurants.

   First, the qualification of the main body of food business is largely excluded. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the licenses of the food business entities, carefully check the business licenses of the operators, the food business licenses, the small restaurant registration certificates, the small workshops record registration certificates, and the health certificates of the catering practitioners, and conduct on-site inspections on the business households with incomplete licenses Guide and urge them to apply for supplementary licenses in a timely manner.

   The second is to carry out a large-scale investigation of food labeling and marking specifications. Carefully clean up counterfeit and inferior foods, including foods that use other people’s registered trademarks,”counterfeit” foods, foods that are highly similar to regular products, and”three noes” foods. All foods with obscure labels will be ordered to stop selling.

   The third is to carry out a major inspection of food purchase inspection obligations. Operators are required to strictly control purchases and not purchase from unqualified mobile vendors. Suppliers are required to have complete qualifications and establish a purchase ledger to carefully compare the purchase receipt information with the actual product to truly meet the requirements of food”traceability” and prevent suppliers from failing to fulfill their purchase inspection obligations due to fraud.

  Fourth is to carry out large-scale publicity of food safety laws and regulations. The law enforcement officers of the bureau issued publicity materials to the operators during the inspection, and explained the food safety laws and regulations to the operators on the spot, allowing the rural food operators to increase their awareness of and anti-counterfeiting, and eliminate the hidden dangers of rural food safety.

   As of March 4, the special inspection of rural food safety in Kaiyang County has dispatched more than 130 law enforcement officers, more than 60 law enforcement vehicles, and more than 310 inspections of rural non-staple food shops It distributed more than 130 publicity materials, urged 24 grocery stores to establish a food purchase ledger, and filed a case of irregular food labeling. At present, the case is under further investigation and processing.