Formica launches a new type of fungicide Onsuva (fluinconazole + difenoconazole) in Argentina
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  Agricultural Chemistry Net Chinese website reported:Recently, Formica announced the commercial pre-launch of its new fungicide Onsuva in Argentina. The fungicide can prevent and control pathogens in soybean and peanut crops, and contains two effective ingredients:fluindapyr and difenoconazole.

   According to the company, the launch of the new product is to provide an innovative, broad-spectrum fungicide product for the prevention and control of leaf pathogens. Fluinconazole has significant systemic activity, and also has preventive, therapeutic and eradicative effects, and it acts by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungal cells.
   On the other hand, difenoconazole from the family of triazole fungicides prevents the growth of fungi by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis, and also has protective, therapeutic and systemic activities.
   Fumashi Fungicide Manager Matías Retamal said that Onsuva can be absorbed by leaves and redistributed in plants. It can improve the efficiency of pathogen prevention and control to a higher level in just a few minutes. The combination of multiple characteristics ensures a high prevention and control efficiency, which can quickly prevent pathogen infections in the application process and prevent some subsequent effects that may cause new crop problems. During disease monitoring, people can observe certain pathogens, but at the same time some hidden pathogens cannot be ignored. This product is the first amide fungicide in Formica’s product portfolio.