“Foreign seeds” and”imported meat”
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  Recently, when inspecting the luggage of inbound passengers arriving in Nanjing, the passenger inspection officer of Nanjing Lukou Airport under Nanjing Customs found that there were multiple bags in the luggage of two passengers, and the outer packaging was cucumber, rape, tomato, etc. , Inside are the vegetable seeds of the corresponding variety, there are 8 packets in total, weighing about 0.178 kg.
   In addition, three batches of sausages, bacon, bacon and other meat products brought into China illegally carried by passengers on the same flight were also seized, weighing about 6.49 kilograms. On-site customs officers intercepted the seized seeds and meat products and sent them to the laboratory for further testing.
  According to the”List of Animals, Plants and Products Prohibited from Carrying or Mailing in the People’s Republic of China”, (raw or cooked) meat (including organs) and its products, seeds (seedlings), seedlings and other reproductive capacity All the plant materials are prohibited items. The customs reminds passengers that they should actively understand and abide by the relevant laws and regulations of our country when entering and exiting the country, and do not blindly buy or bring animals and plants and their products into the country to prevent the introduction of animal and plant diseases and harmful organisms.