Forecast and forecast of aquaculture diseases of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in April 2021
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   Meteorological data shows that in mid-March 2021, the temperature in most parts of Xinjiang will be slightly higher than in previous years, and it is expected that the surface layer of the aquaculture water will freeze and open more than in previous years. Early in April, the temperature of the aquaculture waters in Xinjiang will be slightly higher than in previous years. According to the disease forecast data in recent years, the water quality at this stage is good and there are few fish diseases, but the following two fish diseases are still needed to be guarded against.

  1. Illness prediction

  1. Saprolegniasis:silver carp, grass carp, carp, crucian carp, etc. are all prone to occur. Focus on the first division, second division, third division, fourth division, and sixth Division, Eight Division, Ten Division and other places.

  2. Boils:carp, crucian carp, etc. are prone to develop, focusing on the first division, second division, fourth division, sixth division, eighth division, tenth division and other places.

   2. Prevention measures

   (1) Preventive measures

  1. Monitor the water quality of the aquaculture water every week, and take measures such as water change and aeration in time to keep the water quality of the aquaculture water good.

  2. When sub-pond operation, be careful and try to avoid fish body injury.

  3. Disinfect the fish in a medicated bath before the fish are placed in the pond.

   4. Fish ponds shall be disinfected every half month.

  (2) Treatment measures

  1. Saprolegniasis:There is no ideal treatment method at present. It is recommended to sprinkle salt and baking soda mixture (1:1) throughout the pool to make the pool water 8mg /L concentration; at the same time, 0.8-1.6g of sulfamonomethoxine sodium powder with a specification of 10%per kilogram of fish (based on 5%bait amount, 16-32g per 1kg of feed), 4-6 Day to prevent bacterial infection.

   2. Boils:It is recommended to use chlorine dioxide to sprinkle all over the pool (see instructions for usage and dosage), and use it again every other day if the condition is serious. At the same time, 0.4-1g of rhubarb gall powder is fed per kilogram of fish body weight with mixed bait for 5-7 d.