Food production enterprises in Hejiang County, Sichuan start”tip-of-tongue insurance” and build a”firewall” for food safety
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  Recently, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hejiang County, Sichuan has actively matched enterprises and promoted 36 food production companies in Hejiang County to sign the first form of food safety liability insurance with Hejiang Branch of PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and establish government guidance , Financial assistance, enterprise participation, and consumer win-win food safety liability insurance operating mechanism.

   The 22 food production companies contracted this time cover alcohol, edible oil, condiments, meat products and other categories, and basically realized liability insurance for high-risk food categories Full insurance coverage. Commercial insurance as an important means to assist the society in managing food safety, food safety liability insurance protects consumers from food poisoning or other food sources due to negligence or negligence when food production companies produce and sell food, or provide food that is consistent with their business nature. Sexual diseases, or the personal death or property loss of consumers due to foreign matter in the food, are included in the insurance compensation, and the food consumers shall be paid in advance after the health of the food consumers are damaged. Food safety liability insurance provides timely treatment and compensation to the injured, which greatly protects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It not only provides consumers with”reassurance”, but also supports food companies with a”protective umbrella”, while reducing social conflicts. The occurrence of disputes has effectively maintained social stability.