Five departments of Yangquan City jointly carry out the rectification of counterfeit and inferior food in rural areas
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   Recently, Yangquan Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperatives jointly issued the”Rural Counterfeit and Substandard Food in Yangquan City (2020-2022)”, and decided to Carry out the rectification of counterfeit and inferior food in rural areas throughout the city, strengthen the rectification of key rural food problems, and safeguard the health and legitimate rights and interests of the people.
   This remediation action focuses on the types of food that are consumed in large rural areas such as convenience foods, snack foods, alcoholic beverages, condiments, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, and local specialty foods, with food wholesale markets and rural areas. Schools and campus areas, small food production and processing workshops, small vendors, small catering, etc. are key areas. Intensify supervision and inspection and random inspections, and strengthen the inspection and disposal of unqualified food and the investigation of hidden risks. Focus on cracking down on the production and operation of foods with non-edible substances, foods that do not meet safety standards, meats that have not been inspected or quarantined or failed to pass inspections and quarantines, ordinary foods that claim special functions,”three noes” foods,”cottage” foods, trademark infringements Food, low-quality food, expired food and other illegal activities.
   On February 23, Du Wenming, deputy director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, led the law enforcement officers of market supervision, agriculture and rural areas, public security, commerce, and supply and marketing departments, and The Qinhuai Impression Hotel and other food production and operation links carried out joint law enforcement inspections on counterfeit and shoddy foods in rural areas, and instructed all relevant local departments to implement rectifications in place for incomplete accounting records and irregular decontamination of catering utensils found in the inspections.
   In the next step, all relevant departments in our city will speed up the implementation of counterfeit and inferior food rectification actions in rural areas, intensify inspections for key locations, key subjects, and key varieties, solve outstanding problems, and ensure the quality and safety of food in the rural market in our city. Enhance the sense of food safety, happiness, and security of rural residents.