“Exclusive Service” Helps Dalian Egg Products Export to South Korea
By: Date: 2021-03-09 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,
   Recently, more than 10 tons of egg yolk powder was exported to South Korea under the supervision of Lushun Customs. This is the first time that Dalian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. has exported egg products to South Korea, laying a foundation for the company to further develop the international market.
  The person in charge of Dalian Hanwei Food Co., Ltd. said that the company has always focused on domestic sales. Previously, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the inventory of eggs and egg products has increased. At this time, the international egg product market prices are rising, and a South Korean company also intends to buy corporate products. But this is the first time to export products to South Korea, and the company does not understand the relevant policies.
   After learning of the company’s needs, Lushun Customs took the initiative to introduce Korea’s inspection and quarantine requirements for imported egg products, create an exclusive customs clearance plan for the company, guide the company to complete the registration procedures of the Korean food and drug regulatory agency, and solve the foreign customers’ customs clearance The problem is to ensure the smooth export of the batch of egg yolk powder and open up the Korean market.
   In order to further optimize the port business environment and allow the smooth export of specialty products in the jurisdiction, Lushun Customs relies on the Dalian Customs”Hundreds of People, Thousands of Enterprises” long-term mechanism, with customs credit management as the starting point, and the urgent needs of enterprises as the guidance, setting up customs enterprises The coordinator,”one enterprise, one policy” precise assistance, set up a”green channel” for the urgently needed imported materials produced by the enterprises in the jurisdiction, and help the enterprises in the jurisdiction to open up overseas markets.