Ecuadorian shrimp producers shift their export targets to Japan and South Korea to avoid over-dependence on the Chinese market
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  From Intrafish’s news on March 5, Ecuadorian shrimp producers are paying attention to the Korean and Japanese markets to reduce their heavy dependence on China.

  Ecuadorian Aquaculture Association (CNA) Executive Director Yahira Piedrahita said at the fish and shrimp forum held by Intrafish that South Korea is a very good choice for the Ecuadorian shrimp industry, as are Japan and other important consumer markets. in this way.
   She also highlighted the substantial increase in exports to the United States and Europe last year.
  Yahira Piedrahita pointed out that China is definitely the largest market for Ecuadorian shrimp, but since the COVID-19 virus was found on the outer packaging of Ecuadorian shrimp, the container will undergo more stringent inspections through the port, the unloading time has been delayed, and the inventory is occupied. The high levels have led to a sharp decline in exports to China in recent months.
   The recent sharp drop in exports to China has forced Ecuadorian shrimp producers to find new markets in case this situation continues.
   Rabobank (Rabobank) senior seafood analyst Gorjan Nikolik praised Ecuador for its flexible response to the decline in Chinese exports.
   In 2020, Ecuador exported 22.5 million pounds of shrimp to South Korea, an increase of 6%over the past 12 months, and exports to Japan increased by 143%to 5.7 million pounds.
   Although Ecuador’s orders to China have declined in the past two months, Ecuador does not seem to give up this largest customer. Yahira Piedrahita said that China is still Ecuador’s most important export market.
   In January this year, Ecuador’s shrimp exports to China were 28.1 million pounds, a decrease of 60%compared to the same period last year.