Early planning, early prevention, and early deployment The Mianyang City Market Supervision Bureau conducts collective interviews with unqualified food production enterprises in random inspections
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   On March 1, the Mianyang City Market Supervision Bureau held the city’s food production safety supervision work and the 2020 sampling inspection of unqualified food production enterprises collective meeting. The party secretary and director of the Municipal Bureau Chen Xinggang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Member of the Municipal Bureau’s Party Group , Deputy Director Zhang Jun presided over the meeting. Leaders in charge of food production safety in various county and district bureaus, chiefs of food production units, heads of relevant departments of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and heads of 45 companies attended the meeting.
   The meeting notified the city’s food production enterprises in the sampling inspection situation in 2020, listened to the rectification speeches of the person in charge of the unqualified enterprises in the sampling inspection, summarized the food production supervision work in 2020, and made arrangements for the food production work in 2021.
   Chen Xinggang asked, first, to recognize the situation, strengthen understanding, and resolutely maintain the bottom line of food safety. Local regulatory authorities must establish a sense of responsibility, strengthen their responsibilities, and must give top priority to protecting people’s livelihood and keeping the bottom line of food safety. The second is to face the problem squarely, strengthen measures, and earnestly grasp the problem rectification. The enterprise finds the root cause of the problem, analyzes the cause of the problem, clarifies an effective rectification plan, and promotes development through rectification. The third is to implement responsibilities, strengthen guarantees, and comprehensively improve the level of food quality and safety. Regulatory departments should strengthen the “three service concepts” and “four law enforcement concepts” of market supervision in Mianyang, coordinate service and law enforcement work, help companies overcome development obstacles, and promote food quality improvement.