During his investigation in Henan, Tang Renjian emphasized that one link should not be missed and one trick should not be allowed to do a good job in grain production and strive to win the summer grain harvest
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   News from this website, February 27-28, Tang Renjian, director of the Central Agriculture Office, Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, emphasized the need for in-depth study and implementation during investigations in Henan General Secretary Xi Jinping’s spirit of important instructions deeply understands the extreme importance of doing a good job in grain production, and fulfills the requirements of the party and government for food security.

  The land of the Central Plains in the spring rain is full of greenery, giving birth to vitality. In the 160,000 mu of high-standard farmland demonstration area in Lucheng District, Luohe City, the wheat fields in Lianfang have turned green and are growing well. Tang Renjian walked into the wheat field and carefully checked the individual development of the wheat. According to Guo Tiancai, a professor of Henan Agricultural University and consultant of the wheat expert guidance group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the wheat sown area in Henan increased last year, and the growth of seedlings this year is better than that of the previous year, significantly better than normal, and the harvest is solid. Tang Renjian was very happy after hearing this. He also came to Shangzhuang Village, Chencao Township, Jian’an District, Xuchang City, to check the growth of wheat in the field, and communicate with major growers and agricultural technicians. He pointed out that the current situation of wheat seedlings is relatively good, but the harvest of summer crops will have to pass the”cold spring”, disease and insect pests and other barriers. There will be three cooling processes in March, and there must be no relaxation at all. We must not miss the opportunity to do a good job in field management, do a good job in soil moisture monitoring and fertilizer and water regulation, make preparations for the prevention and control of wheat diseases and insect pests, and strive to minimize disaster losses.

   Tang Renjian successively investigated the construction of high-standard farmland in Luohe and Xuchang, and inspected the basic conditions of farmland, pest monitoring system, meteorological and agricultural service equipment, etc. on the spot. Shangqiao Town, Lucheng District, Luohe City, established a”three-level grid” in the high-standard farmland demonstration area for townships, villages, and distribution stations, equipped with grid managers, administrators, supervisors, and agricultural technicians, and implemented grid management . Tang Renjian affirmed this. He pointed out that it is necessary to raise high-standard farmland construction funds through multiple channels, continuously improve the quality of construction, and further improve the management and protection mechanism to ensure long-term benefits.

  Tang Renjian conducted in-depth research on seed companies and asked in detail about the breeding and promotion of wheat and corn varieties. He emphasized that it is necessary to focus on ensuring the national food security and the effective supply of important agricultural and sideline products, make overall plans to ensure quantity, diversity, and quality, accelerate the innovation of the seed industry, strengthen the cultivation of high-quality special varieties, and support the leading enterprises in the seed industry to establish a sound commercial breeding system. Resolutely fight the seed industry turnaround.

During the    investigation, Tang Renjian presided over a grain production symposium, meeting with wheat experts, plant protection technicians, major grain farmers, general farmers, local governments, agricultural and rural departments, Persons in charge of agricultural socialization service organizations and seed companies had in-depth exchanges. He pointed out that it is of special significance to seize the year-round grain harvest at the critical time of starting a new journey and marching towards the second centenary goal. This year’s wheat production base is good, but we must not take it lightly. We must pay close attention to each link, measure, and measure, and make persistent efforts to win the summer grain harvest. It is necessary to resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for food security, consolidate the material foundation of”hiding grain on the ground and storing grain on technology”, build a guarantee mechanism of”assisted by benefits and supplemented by justice”, support the development of intensive grain processing, and extend the industry Chain and upgrade the value chain, so that farmers can make money from growing grains, and those with multiple grains can benefit more.

   Wei Baigang, Chief Economist and Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs participated in the survey.