Dingxi City Market Supervision Bureau held an online catering service third-party platform food safety interview meeting
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   In order to continuously strengthen the city’s online catering service food safety and epidemic prevention and control, and consolidate the city’s online food safety governance results in 2020, combined with the province’s online catering service third-party platform to monitor the actual situation of the continuous increase of non-compliant enterprises in Zhongdingxi City , On March 26, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau held a food safety meeting on the city’s third-party online catering service platform. Each county (district) market supervision bureau is in charge of leaders, and a total of 46 people, including all online catering service third-party platforms,”Meituan Optimal” and other online food transactions in the county (district), attended the meeting.
   At the meeting, organized and studied the”Online Catering Service Food Safety Supervision and Administration Measures”,”Online Food Safety Violations Investigation and Punishment Measures” and other laws and regulations, and notified the province’s online catering service third-party platform inspections in January and February Analyzed the reasons for the continuous increase in the number of non-compliances detected in the previous two months.
  Meeting requirements
   First, it is necessary to strengthen the qualification review and supervision of network access, and do a good job in the qualification review of the network catering service operator’s business license, food business license (food business registration certificate), etc., to ensure that it is true and effective; strictly implement the”Gansu Province Food Small Workshop The Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Stores and Small Stalls prohibits food stalls from entering the network; it is necessary to strengthen the random inspection and monitoring of the business behavior of online merchants to ensure that their business behavior continues to comply with regulations, and to ensure the same quality of online and offline meals.
  Second, we must strengthen epidemic prevention measures for delivery personnel, strictly implement the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention of takeaway delivery and express delivery personnel, strengthen the health inspection of food delivery personnel, timely perform body temperature monitoring, and encourage”contactless” delivery services.
   Third, we must strengthen the management of food delivery equipment containers. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of food delivery boxes, delivery vehicles, and food containers, and implement”one meal, one sign” to prevent cross-contamination during meal delivery.
  Fourth, it is necessary to actively encourage the implementation of”post-kitchen live broadcast”, network third-party platforms should actively conduct data docking with the”Longshang Food Safety” smart supervision platform, and encourage online catering service providers to implement”post-kitchen live broadcast”.
  Fifth, it is necessary to strictly implement the responsibility of territorial food safety supervision, fully understand the situation of the branches, agents and self-built websites of the network ordering platform in the jurisdiction, and register the real name of the third-party transaction platform engaged in online food ordering; The monthly monitoring of online meal order violations in the jurisdiction will be checked and dealt with, and violations of laws and regulations will be resolutely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.
   Sixth, we must increase publicity and guidance on food safety supervision of online catering services, strengthen communication with the news media, and guide all sectors of the society to actively participate in the supervision of online food safety, so as to form a good atmosphere of co-governance and co-management of online food safety.