Demand soars in 2020 Brazil becomes Chilean wine’s second largest export market
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  A data recently released by the Chilean Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (ProChile) showed that Chile’s bottled wine exports to Brazil increased by 24%in 2020, and Brazil became Chile’s second largest consumer market for this product in the world. Statistics show that the total export volume of Chilean bottled wine to Brazil reached US$184 million last year, second only to China (US$185 million).

   Brazil’s”istoedinheiro” website reported that although the new coronavirus pandemic has had a certain impact on the wine sales market, especially the social distancing measures restricting sales activities, the volume of wine purchases made through supermarkets or e-commerce channels has increased. According to ProChile statistics, Brazil’s domestic wine consumption has increased by 900%throughout the year last year.
  ProChile’s business director in São Paulo, María Julia Riquelme, explained:“We have proposed a virtual meeting plan to bring together Chilean manufacturers and retailers through virtual meetings. And conduct wine tastings and master’s lectures to showcase the diversity of (wine) products Chile provides to Brazil.”
   The executive pointed out that the market results are positive, and ProChile predicts that exports of such products to Brazil will continue to grow at the same rate in 2021. She said:”We have strengthened our ties with Brazilian consumers, which will help Chile’s economic recovery. We want to continue to grow in this market.”