Dare to ask this saury brother, where are you from?
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   Today’s protagonist, known as”Hermes of wontons” saury wonton.

  According to the report market, I saw such a tweet“Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai! This bowl is only sold for 2 months of handmade saury wontons, one bite As a veteran foodie, click on the link immediately, and the more you look at it, the more things go wrong.
Dare to ask this saury brother, where are you from?image
“New Yangtze River Fresh Saury Wonton”

What bad thoughts can    wonton have? This saury brother, where are you from? Law enforcement officers immediately inspected the sales unit.

  On-site inspection

  The Law Enforcement Brigade, together with the Economic Development Zone, Qinchuan Sub-bureau, Yushan Sub-bureau, and Meili Sub-bureau, carried out a special operation for banning fishing on the Yangtze River, in response to a public account’s announcement of””Xinxin Yangtze River Fresh Saury Wonton” and other content, conduct on-site inspections of article publishing units and delivery sales units.

   1 box of saury wonton, 2 boxes of saury wonton filling, and a stack of promotional labels for saury wontons were found at the scene. The outer packaging box and the promotional label were marked as”new, new, seasonal and fresh” (None is marked with the words”Xinxin Yangtze Saury Wonton”).
Dare to ask this saury brother, where are you from?image(1)< br/>
   However, the side of the gift box package found at one of the pick-up points mentioned the words”Yangtze saury” and”one of the three fresh products of the Yangtze River” many times.
Dare to ask this saury brother, where are you from?image(2)< br/>
   After inquiry, the promotional image of”New Yangtze Yangtze Saury Wonton” used in the above public account article and purchase link was taken in previous years and is now in the packaging. The propaganda map of the word was not used, and the gift boxes with the words”Yangtze saury” and”One of the three fresh products of the Yangtze River” found at a pick-up point were all stocked from previous years. Moreover, the saury used in the products are all sea saury in the coastal waters of Zhejiang. The article publishing unit and the delivery sales unit are suspected of false propaganda, and our bureau has filed a case for investigation.


   Yangtze saury, you can’t catch saury

   other saury, don’t”pretend”

  Don’t go, there is a”surprise”!

  The”birth environment” of these saury wontons
Dare to ask this saury brother, where are you from?image(3)< br/>
   often random console

   In addition, after investigation, the main ingredient of the above-mentioned saury wonton is pork.

   should be renamed”Pork Saury Wonton”

   The origin of saury should be indicated in the food

   sea knife or lake knife (the lake knife should indicate the place of origin to prove that the lake is not forbidden to catch)

  The Yangtze River is banned

   In order to continue to do a good job in”the Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain”, the Changshu City Market Supervision Administration focused on”zero market transactions, zero sales on e-commerce platforms, and zero catering services.”Supply and zero advertising” target, launched special actions for key locations to severely crack down on illegal activities such as the sale of illegal fishing catches in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin. Up to now, our bureau has investigated and handled a total of 12 cases related to the prohibition and withdrawal of fishing in the Yangtze River. 9 cases have been closed.

   Next, the Changshu City Market Supervision Administration will continue to implement the normal inspection requirements of the Yangtze River ban work, and strengthen the market trade market, catering unit and aquatic product sales unit in its jurisdiction. The inspection and supervision of the Yangtze River has strengthened the publicity of the Yangtze River ban policy and the crackdown on illegal activities, increased the awareness of the public, and strived to create a good atmosphere of national supervision, participation, and joint protection of the mother river of the Yangtze River.