Cyprus Harumi cheese will receive EU designation of origin status
By: Date: 2021-03-26 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,
According to Serbia News Agency, European Commission spokesperson Garcia Ferrer stated on March 17 that the European Commission’s Quality Committee will vote on March 26 on whether to grant the European Union Designation of Origin (PDO) for the traditional Cyprus cheese Harumi. Passed and approved by the plenary of the European Commission, Harumi will officially obtain PDO status.

   Ferrer stated that the European Commission’s Quality Committee will vote on two legal texts at the same time, one is to grant Harumi PDO status, and the other will allow the European Commission to produce Kazakhstan in the occupied area of ​​Cyprus (ie,”Northern Cyprus”). Rumi conducts quarantine inspections to ensure that it is consistent with the quality of halumi produced in the Republic of Cyprus (“Southern Cyprus”), thereby also obtaining PDO status and being able to export to other EU countries.
   According to reports, when the leader of”Northern Serbia” Tatar met with the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy Borelli earlier this month, he requested to advance the progress of Northern Serbia’s registration of PDO, thinking that the upcoming Cyprus issue will be held in April. The five-party talks created a positive atmosphere.