Colombia receives approval to export beef and pork to Macau, China
By: Date: 2021-03-10 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,
    The Colombian National Food and Drug Administration (Invima) recently announced that Colombia has obtained approval from the Health Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region of China to export beef and pork to it.

   Website”Infobae” reported on March 3 that Jeffrey Fajardo, the executive chairman of Columbia Invima, said:”We are very happy to be approved by the Macau Special Administrative Region of China.” Invima passed strict quarantine. , Control and monitoring work to ensure that the exported meat products are in the best hygienic conditions, thus obtaining the Macau market access permit.
  According to Invima, companies interested in exporting pork and beef to Macau need to contact the Food and Beverage Department of Invima and provide product hygiene certificates in accordance with the relevant regulations established by both parties.
   So far this year, Colombian beef and pork have been allowed to enter two new markets, and the number of allowed markets has increased to 67. This will help promote Colombia’s economic recovery, realize product internationalization, and expand the market.
  Fajardo pointed out:”Pork internationalization is one of our main strategies, so we will continue to coordinate and cooperate with the Colombian government to strive to enter more markets in Asia and other continents.”
   In addition, the Colombian Pork Producers Association (Porkolombia) also stated that being allowed to enter Macau, China will help them to open up more international markets.