Chuxiong Prefecture Market Supervision Bureau:Strengthen the centralized publicity and education activities for the prevention and control of food poisoning in rural areas
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   In order to strengthen the publicity and education of food poisoning prevention and control in rural areas, let the knowledge of food poisoning prevention and control truly enter the villages and households, and continuously improve the people’s food safety literacy and self-prevention awareness. Recently, the Food Safety Office of the Chuxiong Prefecture Government, the state The Propaganda Department of the Committee, the State Market Supervision Bureau and the State Health Commission jointly launched a three-month centralized publicity and education campaign for food poisoning prevention and control in rural areas.

  Strengthen organizational leadership

   In accordance with the principle of”prevention first, management and control first”, the publicity and education of food poisoning prevention and control in rural areas are the current priority tasks. To grasp the reality, the main leaders personally grasp the responsibility, the leaders in charge will grasp the specific implementation, and all departments will work together to perform their duties, carefully deploy their duties, and layer their work responsibilities.

  Coordinate and coordinate implementation div>

   guide all kinds of media to pay attention to and support food safety work, strengthen food safety publicity, grasp the correct public opinion orientation, and support news media, food-related industry associations, etc. to participate in food safety risks Prevent exchanges and create a good atmosphere of public opinion. Exposing typical cases, deterring and cracking down on illegal production and operation activities, distributed more than 200,000 publicity materials, carried out 60 food safety knowledge publicity training sessions, and trained more than 10,000 personnel. Combining with the improvement of health literacy, carry out hygiene and health knowledge promotion, popularize the knowledge of food safety and hygiene in rural areas, and the prevention and control of toxic Chinese medicinal materials, and integrate the prevention and control of food poisoning with the current”7 special actions” in promoting patriotic hygiene. The special actions of”public participation”,”net restaurant” and”market management” are closely integrated to increase the coverage of publicity and education and enhance the food safety awareness of all parties in the society. Up to now, more than 300 medical staff from 93 rural villages and towns in the primary medical and health institutions across the prefecture have participated in more than 300 free health clinics and health consultations, distributed 3850 food poisoning brochures, and new media such as WeChat platform reposted more than 400 health information. Secondly, more than 40,000 people received on-site consultation from the masses.

   highlight key points and implement them

   All levels and departments throughout the state focus on key groups such as rural residents, students, and migrant workers, and make full use of the news media, the Internet, and”movies to the countryside.” Mobilize grassroots party organizations, grassroots cadres, poverty alleviation workers, food safety coordinators and information officers, rural doctors, and rural teachers to actively participate in ways that the masses love to hear, such as”small hands in hand”, posters, and folding pages. Poisoning prevention and control knowledge enters canteens, schools, markets, restaurants, communities, rural areas, families, and construction sites, carries out all-round food safety publicity and education, transmits the”good voice” of supervision, and accumulates the”positive energy” of supervision, Create a good social co-governance atmosphere.