Chizhou City takes innovative measures to create a “model” project for food safety and people’s livelihood
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Since the implementation of the    food safety and people’s livelihood project, Chizhou City has always adhered to the two-handed approach of “building” and “managing”, overcoming difficulties, focusing on points and areas, and constantly innovating work measures , And successfully completed the construction of 33 market supervision offices and 15 agricultural products and food safety quick inspection rooms for farmer’s markets.

  Innovative ideas, find the”entry point”. Formulate the implementation plan for the construction of food safety and people’s livelihood projects and implement classified policies. The community farmer’s market adopts the principles of market self-construction, government guidance, subsidies with rewards, and convenience and pragmatism. Market supervision adopts unified design, unified bidding, unified management, and unified assessment , The”Five Unifications” mode of unified acceptance is advanced in an orderly manner. And establish a special account for special funds to standardize the declaration, review, approval, and issuance of funds for people’s livelihood projects. The formation of government-enterprise linkage, the government takes the lead to grasp the overall situation, and the construction of people’s livelihood projects that meet the standards one by one.

   Combination of management and maintenance, standardize”support points”. After the completion of the construction task, the focus of work will be shifted back from”construction” to”management” and”maintenance”, and the management and maintenance funds will be included in the budget for financial guarantee, and the assessment and management will be implemented. Establish a management and protection system, clarify management and protection responsibilities, and ensure that there is a ledger for use and registration, maintenance records, and regular self-inspection with results. Develop an assessment mechanism, set up a special inspection team, introduce a performance evaluation system, make surprise inspections, special inspections, 100-point assessments, and dynamic notifications all go together, increase assessment efforts, improve assessment effectiveness, and effectively play its role as a primary filter. Establish a rapid inspection personnel selection and training mechanism. After level-by-level selection and professional assessment, a team of 82 rapid-inspection personnel will be formed, and business training will be carried out on a regular basis.

   focuses on guiding and expanding the”propaganda point”. With the help of media platforms such as Zhongan Online, Provincial Citizens’ Livelihood Engineering Website, and TV stations, we will increase the breadth of publicity, and increase the influence and awareness of the food safety and livelihood projects. Actively carry out the”citizen open day” and”you point me inspection” activities in the food quick inspection room, so that ordinary citizens can intuitively understand some food inspection and testing procedures, master the common sense of toxic and harmful food, and make the”efficacy” of food safety and people’s livelihood projects a household name.

  Accurate monitoring, keeping an eye on “risk points”. Take fruits, vegetables, livestock and poultry meat and by-products, aquatic products, fresh eggs and other daily consumption edible agricultural products as the key test objects, and carry out rapid sampling tests with pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, and illegal additions as key test indicators; Characteristic-oriented, identify key inspection objects at different times, and carry out targeted sampling inspections; quantify inspection tasks based on 10 batches per day in the inspection room, 15 batches per day in the farmer’s market, and 30 batches per day in the wholesale market. Sampling inspection results will be immediately publicized on the bulletin boards or LED display screens of sampled places such as markets and supermarkets, and will be simultaneously publicized on the government affairs network to guide citizens’ health and safe consumption. After the quick inspection of unqualified edible agricultural products, the information is compared and re-examined. , According to the”Rapid Inspection and Disqualification Food Verification and Disposal System”, timely registration and removal of the shelves and sampling for inspection to ensure the safety of the people’s diet.