China will become Russia’s largest importer of fats and meat products in 2020
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  Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, March 9th. According to a survey conducted by the Agricultural Export Center under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, China will become the largest importer of Russian fats and meat products in 2020.

  Data shows that in 2020, Russia supplied 79 million tons of agricultural products to foreign markets, valued at 30.7 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 20%over last year. At present, more than 150 countries are importers of Russian agricultural products, and China maintains a leading position among these countries. Last year, 4.8 million tons of food products were exported from Russia to China, valued at 4.02 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 26%from 2019 levels. Turkey ranked second with imports of 3.1 billion US dollars; Kazakhstan ranked third (2.1 billion US dollars).
  According to the statistical results, China has become the leading country in sourcing Russian oil and fat products. In 2020, the country’s imports of such products have increased by 0.8 times, reaching 1.1 billion U.S. dollars. Among them, Russian sunflower oil accounts for more than 50%, rapeseed oil accounts for 23%, and soybean oil accounts for 22%. At the same time, China is the leader among importing countries in all three types of oils and fats. In addition, Russia has begun to supply soybean meal and sunflower meal (31,000 tons, worth 14 million US dollars) to China.
   The center stated that China will also become the largest importer of Russian meat in 2020. From February 2019 to the end of last year, the supply of poultry meat to China increased 1.3 times to 146,000 tons. In 2020, Russian beef exporters were approved to enter the Chinese market, with shipments of 87,000 tons, valued at US$48 million, accounting for more than 50%of the total Russian beef exports.
   Sergey, Director of the Russian National Meat Association Youshen pointed out that last year Russia was able to make the most of the potential of the Chinese market in poultry products due to the sharp rise in pork prices and the re-oriented purchase of poultry by some consumers. He said:”As a result, among the countries that supply poultry meat to China, Russia ranks third after the United States and Brazil, and it has also begun to supply beef.”