China Green Food Development Center Deploys Green Food, Organic Agricultural Products, and Agricultural Geographical Indication Work in 2021
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  Recently, the China Green Food Development Center issued the”Key Points for Geographical Indications of Green Food, Organic Agricultural Products and Agricultural Products in 2021″ (hereinafter referred to as”Key Points”), and proposed serious implementation. New development concept, earnestly implement the spirit of the No. 1 Central Document, adhere to the system concept, insist on progress in stability, take high-quality development as the theme, increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products as the main direction, strengthen risk prevention, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, and organize Implement the”Five Actions” of review work specifications, standard procedures for entering enterprises, standard use of standards, brand promotion month, and team capacity improvement, and give full play to the green organic landmarks in”variety cultivation, quality improvement, brand building and standardized production” Important role, to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas to make new contributions.

  ”Key Points” proposes to make every effort to promote the steady growth of green organic landmarks and continuously increase the supply of green high-quality agricultural products. The development of green food should be in accordance with the requirements of”stable stock, optimized structure, and increased total volume”, continuously optimize the corporate structure, product structure and regional structure, and highlight the development of key regions, key enterprises and key products. Focus on organizing leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, large-scale food enterprises, and farmers’ professional cooperative demonstration societies to develop green food, and accelerate the development of livestock and poultry, aquatic products and processed food. The development of organic agricultural products should be certified according to local conditions, focusing on supporting areas with good resource endowments and high enthusiasm for work, and developing a batch of organic agricultural products with distinctive characteristics, high quality and market favors. Actively expand the certification of overseas products, and continue to maintain the leading position of overseas certification in the organic industry. The development of geographical indication agricultural products should follow the general idea of ​​”product specialization, production standardization, identity identification, and full digitalization”, and solidly promote the implementation of special variety breeding, base construction, quality maintenance, brand cultivation, and logo use. Expand the superimposed effect of green organic and landmark brands. Initiate a five-year action plan to support the consolidation and expansion of the achievements in poverty alleviation and support the development of green organic landmarks in poverty alleviation areas. For poverty alleviation counties, all green food certification fees and logo usage fees will be exempted from the date of poverty alleviation during the 5-year transition period from the date of poverty alleviation. Organic agricultural product certification fee.

  ”Key Points” proposes to strictly review, confirm and supervise after certification to enhance brand credibility and reputation. Adhere to the word”strict”, strictly implement standards, strictly implement procedures, and strictly implement responsibilities, and check the quality of green organic landmarks. Strengthen post-licensing supervision. Strictly consolidate the supervision responsibilities of working institutions at all levels, clarify task requirements, and earnestly implement various supervision systems to ensure that no major quality and safety incidents occur. Organize and carry out review work normative actions, focusing on standardizing application materials, strengthening on-site inspections, and implementing detailed review responsibilities at all levels, and evaluating the quality of local application review work. Continue to carry out standardized use of standards, do a good job in publicity, promotion and training for certified companies, and maintain brand reputation and market order.

  ”Key Points” proposes to increase the promotion of standards and technologies and lead the standardized production of agriculture. Organized the completion of the formulation and revision of 15 green food standards, and organized research on the quality and nutritional indicators of four green food categories, including tea (green tea), walnuts, peppers, and soybean oil. Carry out the green food standards and production operating procedures”enter enterprises and households” in an all-round way. Focusing on improving quality, stabilizing total volume, and optimizing structure, relying on modern agricultural demonstration areas, grain production functional areas, characteristic agricultural products superior areas and quality and safety counties, etc., steadily promote the construction of standardized raw materials production bases.

  ”Key Points” proposes to expand brand promotion and production and sales docking, and strive to cultivate a green consumer market. With the theme of”green production, green consumption, and green development”, we will continue to organize and carry out the”Spring Breeze, Green Food with You-Green Food Promotion Month”. We will do our best to host the 22nd China Green Food Expo, the 15th China International Organic Food Expo, the 19th China International Agricultural Products Fair Agricultural Geographical Indication Exhibition and the 7th National Agricultural Geographical Indication Brand Promotion Conference, and strengthen Services such as professional investment promotion, production and marketing docking, promotion and promotion will continue to improve the level of professionalization and marketization of the exhibition.

  ”Key Points” proposes to strengthen support and guarantee, and implement various tasks. Formulate the outline of the”14th Five-Year” development plan for green food, clarify the guiding ideology, basic principles, key tasks, and promotion measures for green food development. Steadily promote the construction of a green organic landmark business system, a big data platform, and an information service platform to promote the in-depth integration of business work and informatization. Strengthen the management of testing institutions. Strengthen basic theory and technical research. Start the system team ability improvement action.