China and Thailand sign a cooperation agreement to promote Thai fruit exports
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According to local Thai media and CCIC, as the durian, rambutan, mangosteen and other Thai fruit production seasons are approaching, the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce (TCC) and China Certification & Inspection Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on February 15th. Agreement to provide traceability services for Thai fruits exported to China.

   The company is a branch of China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) in Thailand and a central enterprise under the management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Since the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, Chinese government regulatory agencies have put forward new requirements for the traceability of imported agricultural products. Therefore, many Thai fruit packaging factories have chosen the origin traceability verification service provided by China Certification & Inspection Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Last year, the company provided traceability verification services for durian, mangosteen and longan worth more than 8 billion baht.
  Narongsak Puttapornmongkol, President of the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that Thai fruit products often go through a long period of customs clearance in China. The QR code traceability service provided by CCIC Thailand will help shorten the process to No more than 3 days.
  China has been Thailand’s largest trading partner for eight consecutive years. In 2020, Thailand’s trade with China reached 79.7 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 18.21%of Thailand’s total trade volume. Thailand’s export value to mainland China was 29.535 billion U.S. dollars, an average annual growth of 1.77%, accounting for 12.89%of Thailand’s exports.
  According to the data from the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the total value of fresh fruit, frozen fruit, frozen fruit and dried fruit exported from Thailand to China in 2020 reached 2.908 billion US dollars, an increase of 39.43%. Despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, Thailand’s exports of fresh durian to China were worth US$1.508 billion, an increase of 77.57%.