China Agricultural University College of Food Science held a demonstration meeting for the establishment of the”Chinese Food Industrialization Research Center”
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   On March 22, 2021, the School of Food Science and Technology of China Agricultural University invited academicians and experts in related fields to demonstrate the proposed”Chinese Food Industrialization Research Center”. More than 20 people including Dean Liao Xiaojun and Deputy Dean Yin Shutao participated in this demonstration meeting. The meeting was presided over by Dean Liao Xiaojun.
   Dean Liao Xiaojun gave a welcome speech and introduced the background of the proposed center. He pointed out that my country’s”Chinese food industrialization” has a large industrial scale and industry demand, but there are many technical bottlenecks to be resolved. The establishment of a”Chinese food industrialization research center” is in line with””Double first-class” construction disciplines and industry development needs. Professor Li Quanhong, the person in charge of the center’s construction, gave a detailed introduction from six aspects:the significance of the center’s construction, the basic conditions for its establishment, the center’s development philosophy, the key construction content, the expected construction results, and the operation guarantee measures. The center will in-depth docking industry, focusing on the applicability of Chinese food industrialized ingredients, key processing technology, intelligent key equipment, nutrition and safety evaluation, and other aspects to promote the development of Chinese catering industry with Chinese and local characteristics.
  After listening to the report, the expert team affirmed the research foundation that the School of Food Science of China Agricultural University has accumulated in the research field of”Chinese food industrialization”, and believes that the center has a solid foundation, clear goals, advanced concepts, and clear thinking. The expert group unanimously agreed that the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University established a”Chinese Food Industrialization Research Center” and put forward constructive opinions.