Chilean organic blueberry exports increase by 25%year-on-year
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  According to the Chilean Blueberry Committee of the Association of Chilean Fruit Exporters (ASOEX), Chilean organic blueberry exports increased by 25%this season, mainly due to the growth of the US and European markets.

   At present, harvesting in southern and central Chile is about to end. Affected by the continuous precipitation in the first week of 2021, some late-ripening varieties of blueberry fruits cracked. Harvesting continued after heavy rains, and now all harvesting work is nearing completion.
   According to the weekly report of the Chilean Blueberry Commission, the export volume of blueberries reached 3902 tons in the sixth week of this year, with a cumulative total of 108,669 tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.7%. The peak of exports in the 2020/2021 season occurred in the 50th week of 2020, with a weekly export volume of 11,649 tons. This season, North America and Europe are still the main export markets for Chilean blueberries. 52%of blueberries are exported to North America, 36%are shipped to Europe, and 11%are shipped to eastern Asia.
  The Chilean Blueberry Commission stated that “Chilean blueberry exports to North America increased by 8%, Europe increased by 14%, and Eastern Asia decreased by 27%.” The growth in exports to North America and Europe was mainly due to organic blueberries. As of the sixth week, sales of organic blueberries in North America increased by 28%, 78%of which came from Chile. This season, the sales of organic blueberries in the European market also increased by 17%.
   Chile is one of the largest blueberry exporters in the world. Currently, about 15,600 hectares of high-bush blueberries are planted, of which 17%are organic blueberries. In recent years, China’s imports of fresh blueberries from Chile have shown steady growth. Among them, the 2018-2019 production season imported 9,938 tons, and the 2019-2020 production season imports increased by 21.71%year-on-year to approximately 12.097 tons.