Changde City Holds Food Safety Coordination Work Conference
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   On February 25, the Changde City Market Supervision Bureau held a city-wide food safety coordination meeting. A total of more than 40 people from the food-related departments of the Municipal Bureau, the person in charge of food safety in the district and county market supervision bureaus, and the heads of the coordination section (unit) participated.

   The meeting summarized the city’s food safety coordination work in 2020, exchanged and discussed the problems and difficulties in the work, and deployed the 2021 food safety coordination work arrangement.

The    meeting pointed out that the food safety coordination work of Changde City in 2021 should focus on the work idea of ​​12315, that is, focus on the food safety city to create a “one” main line, and focus on performance appraisal, Realize the “two” points of supervision and encouragement, strengthen the “three” functions of the Food Safety Office for overall planning, coordination, and assessment, keep the “one” closed loop of cold chain food management, and do a good job in the construction of a smart platform and the hosting of major events across the country and the province , The development of comprehensive supervision operations, the daily prevention and control of poisonous mushrooms, the establishment of”five things” for the municipal food safety inspector database and expert database.

   The meeting requires that we must unify thinking, raise awareness, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency for the creation and food safety work; unify thinking, raise awareness, and earnestly Strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency to do a good job in the creation and food safety work; adhere to standards, be innovative and pragmatic, and ensure the creation and effectiveness in the high-quality development of food safety work.

  In 2021, Changde City will focus on the establishment of food safety demonstration cities and solid work on food safety highlights. Strictly implement the requirements of task decomposition, time inversion, responsibility to people, and strengthening of supervision and assessment, and work hard to ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people in the city, and promote the development of food safety supervision to a higher level and higher level.