Changchun City Market Supervision Bureau holds 2021 food safety supervision work conference
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   On March 25, the Municipal Bureau held a 2021 food safety supervision work meeting to comprehensively summarize the work in 2020 and arrange the deployment of work priorities in 2021. Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau Guo Yunfeng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was presided over by Li Juedong, Director of Food Safety. The relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau, various branch offices, county (city) market supervision bureaus in charge of food safety supervision and related business section chiefs participated in the meeting. meeting.
   At the meeting, the Food Safety Coordination Department, Food Production Department, Food Circulation Department, Catering Service Department, Special Food Supervision Department, and Food Sampling Department respectively interpreted the key tasks of 2021.
  The meeting summarized the food safety supervision work in 2020. Under the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, comrades on the food front, stress politics, consider the overall situation, face difficulties, and work hard, and food safety supervision work has achieved obvious results , Completed various tasks well, the food safety situation is generally stable and good, and no systemic or regional food safety incidents have occurred.
  The meeting arranged and deployed the food safety supervision work in 2021, and put forward clear requirements around six aspects:
   One is to grasp the main line of creating a city and comprehensively improve the overall level of food safety. Take city creation work as an effective carrier and important platform for improving food safety. All business divisions strengthened business guidance and urged the implementation of various systems. The dispatched sub-bureaus and the county (city) market supervision bureaus earnestly checked and settled in accordance with the various indicators of the city to ensure the complete completion of key indicators and important tasks.
   The second is to strengthen the sense of responsibility and comprehensively enhance the ability to ensure food safety. In accordance with the”four strictest” requirements, we will continue to increase supervision and law enforcement, and promote the systematization, institutionalization and standardization of food safety supervision. Perform due diligence, strengthen prior and in-process supervision in key areas, and severely crack down on and investigate violations of laws and regulations.
   The third is to strengthen the construction of key projects and comprehensively strengthen innovative and standardized development. Focus on the food safety and security project construction tackling action plan, promote the construction of key projects, and complete the creation of”famous, high-quality, special” small workshops and the improvement of edible agricultural product wholesale market inspection capabilities on time with guaranteed quality and quantity. Two provincial government people’s livelihood projects. Consolidate the results of rectification of chaos in food business, improve the”long-term and long-term governance” mechanism, and continue to strengthen the rectification of chaos in food sales areas in centralized trading markets. We will continue to improve the quality and safety of catering, and we must complete the high-quality upgrade target of”Bright Kitchen and Bright Stove” before the end of the year. In-depth special rectification will be carried out around prominent problems in health food to standardize market order.
  Fourth is to strengthen business training and strive to build a modern law enforcement team. Clarify work responsibilities, improve the professional level of the grass-roots comprehensive law enforcement team, and cultivate a team of professional inspectors who have strong political qualities, qualified professional standards, and can undertake the inspection of the food safety system in the region. Innovate supervision concepts and supervision methods, integrate social supervision forces, and realize”full coverage” supervision.
   The fifth is to strengthen overall coordination and build a pattern of joint construction and governance of food safety. Regulatory departments at all levels must actively seek the support of the party committee and government at the corresponding level, actively communicate with the local food safety office, and coordinate various member units to work together to form a”fist advantage” and build a pattern of co-governance. Actively do a good job in publicity, raise the people’s food safety awareness, and increase the people’s food safety satisfaction and the awareness rate of city creation.
   The sixth is to strengthen the supervision of cold chain food, and maintain the bottom line of food safety under the epidemic prevention and control. Actively do a good job in the normalization of food safety for epidemic prevention and control, adopt online and offline dual supervision, give full play to the advantages of centralized management and control of supervisory warehouses, strengthen inspections, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of epidemic prevention and control regulations. Contribution:Food Safety Coordination Office