“Central No. 1 Document” sets the tone for the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, Yili gathers the power of the entire industry chain to empower agricultural modernization and transformation
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   The old Zhao of Heping Village, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia is nearly old. He has recently returned from herding sheep and often has to go to the ranch in the village to see a black-and-white cow We enjoy fodder. It turns out that Lao Zhao is a small shareholder of crowdfunding in this modern ranch. Whenever he sees the healthy lives of the cows in the ranch, he feels unspeakable joy and full of expectations for the future. In Heping Village, there are many small shareholders like Lao Zhao. This modern ranch is a new attempt of”leading enterprise + party branch + cooperative + villagers + poor households”. It is supported by Yili Group and based on cooperatives. , The village party branch led the tripartite joint efforts to explore a new way of”revitalizing the country with the revitalization of the dairy industry”. For many years, the country has been focusing on accelerating the development of the dairy industry and vigorously promoting rural revitalization. In 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Yili for inspection and guidance during his inspection of Inner Mongolia. The general secretary put forward clear requirements for establishing and perfecting the mechanism for linking the interests of leading enterprises and farmers and herdsmen:“We must explore some good ways to help farmers and herdsmen share more industrial profits and benefits, and truly form a community of interests with leading enterprises and other operating entities.” 2018 During the two sessions of the country, the general secretary went to the Inner Mongolia delegation to listen to the report of the Inner Mongolia delegation on the mechanism of revitalizing the dairy industry and linking the interests of farmers and herdsmen.

   On February 21, the No. 1 Central Document of 2021 was officially released. The document proposed:comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate agricultural and rural modernization. For a long time, Chinese dairy companies represented by Yili have actively responded to the central policy, deeply implemented the instructions and requirements of the general secretary, gathered the power of the entire industry chain, boosted rural revitalization with the revitalization of the dairy industry, and consolidated and expanded the results of poverty alleviation with the effective connection of rural revitalization. , To help farmers and herdsmen get rich and promote agricultural modernization. The modern pasture in Heping Village, which has driven the villagers to get rich, is a vivid example of this.

   Aiming at the problems of “weak technology, difficult financing, high risks, and slow transformation” on the way for farmers and herdsmen to get rich, Yili and farmers and herdsmen are in technical, financial, risk and The four aspects of the industry have carried out linkage support. Yili formed an”embedded” service team, sent experts to the ranch for on-site guidance, and stationed in the ranch 24 hours a day to explore the most suitable breeding technology and management methods for farmers and herdsmen. At the same time, it also opened breeding training courses and training camps to impart skills and cultivate modern The ranch elites will”teach people how to fish” to the end.

   In Heping Village, where Lao Zhao is located, there are 206 villagers, including 20 impoverished households who have registered and registered to crowdfund shares in Zhongcheng Ranch. For poor households, a special dividend policy is implemented, which not only guarantees capital without risk, but also has a certain percentage of shares that can be doubled for dividends. Under the normal operation of the ranch, the average per share can receive between 1,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan per year. This can be a reassurance for the old Zhao who returned to poverty due to illness before, so that Heping Village can truly get rid of poverty and never return to poverty, highly implement the”giving people to fish” assistance method, and establish sustainable”fisheries and fishing grounds.”

   As early as 2011, Bian Junfeng, the rancher of Zhongcheng Ranch, established Junfeng Dairy, a modern Zhongcheng Ranch with the help of Yili Group. It is a new ranch he built with the help of Yili Group. Over the years of cooperation, the close cooperation with Yili and the technical services and financial support provided by Yili have enabled the rapid development of the ranch and greatly improved the level of breeding. At present, there are thousands of farms in stock, and the yield has doubled to 34 kg/day. By 2019, Junfeng Animal Husbandry has achieved a profit of more than one million.

   In addition to providing technical support, helping cooperative farms reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve raw milk quality, increase production, and lay a solid foundation for development, Yili also actively provides funds for farmers and herdsmen Support and improve the ability of farmers and herdsmen to deal with risks such as natural disasters and price changes. Since 2014, Yili has provided tens of billions of financial support to cooperative ranches. In 2020, which is affected by the epidemic, Yili has invested more than 7 billion yuan in blood transfusions for cooperative ranches facing difficulties and provided strong support to help the ranches. overcome obstacles. In the next five years, Yili will also invest 30 billion yuan to support the upstream dairy industry, and carry out a number of key supports in the cultivation of high-quality dairy cows and forage grass.

   Bayannao’s Lao Zhao and Bian Junfeng are among the many beneficiaries of Yili’s farmers’ and herdsmen’s interest connection mechanism. Yili is in Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Heilongjiang and other places give full play to their leading advantages to build modern dairy industry clusters, bring Yili’s leading technology, refined management, and strong capital to the local area, promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain, and boost the revitalization of the dairy industry Rural revitalization has written a beautiful chapter. In the future, under the new development pattern of”dual cycle”, Yili will continue to play a leading and leading role, actively build a”global health ecosystem”, gather superior resources to revitalize China’s dairy industry and inject new momentum into China’s comprehensive rural revitalization.