Canada conducts special review of iprodione and its end-use products
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Food Partners News On March 30, 2021, Health Canada issued Consultation Document PSRD2021-01. The Pest Management Agency (PMRA) issued a special report on iprodione and its end-use products. Review.

   It is understood that iprodione is a contact fungicide used in greenhouse lettuce, certain greenhouse and outdoor ornamental plants, conifer seedlings, table food and processed potato seeds, and imported processed carrot seeds.
   Health Canada conducted a special review of isoproturon based on the European Union’s decision to ban the use of iprodione due to human health and environmental considerations. The results show that the potential human health and environmental risks are considered acceptable under current conditions of use in Canada. No other mitigation measures are recommended.
  The public comment period for this registration is from March 30, 2021 to May 14, 2021.