California no longer considers food packaging containing phthalates as a priority product
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   The California Toxic Substances Control Service (DTSC) recently released the third priority product work plan (2021-2023) under its Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program.

  Food packaging was initially identified as a priority product in the work plan (2018-2020). DTSC subsequently announced that it is considering the priority of multiple candidate chemicals used in food packaging, including bisphenol, polystyrene, perfluoro and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and phthalates.
  In the draft priority product work plan (2021-2023), food packaging continues to be a priority product, so DTSC can further evaluate candidate chemical substances in food packaging. However, the draft plan states that food packaging containing phthalates is no longer considered a priority product. The draft revised the meaning of food packaging and clarified that single-use containers used for holding or storing food in dine-in and take-out are included. However, despite some requests to expand the definition of food packaging to include food processing equipment, DTSC did not adopt it.
  The review period for the draft work plan ends on March 19, 2021.
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