Bright Animal Husbandry:Co-build a benchmark for milk sources to help revitalize the dairy industry
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   On March 5, 2021, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the Funan County People’s Government of Anhui Province and Guangming Animal Husbandry was held in Shanghai. Cao Tao, Deputy Mayor of Funan County People’s Government, Zhang Zhiyu, Director of Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Vice President of Guangming Dairy, Wang Zan, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Guangming Dairy, and Yang Sixing, Director of Strategic Development of Guangming Dairy, attended the signing ceremony.

At the    signing ceremony, Wang Zan, Vice President of Guangming Dairy, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Guangming Dairy, delivered a speech on behalf of the company, and Deputy People’s Government of Funan County, Anhui Province County Mayor Cao Tao delivered a speech, and then the two parties signed an investment agreement on the spot. The leaders of Funan County Government and Guangming Dairy and Guangming Dairy jointly witnessed the signing of the agreement.

   join forces to complement each other’s advantages

   Funan County has a unique location and obvious advantages in geographical environment and climate. It is the country’s only commercial grain base county and the country’s only agricultural (forestry) circular economy demonstration pilot county. Bright Dairy is one of the first batch of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and a key undertaking enterprise of Shanghai’s”Vegetable Basket Project”. Bright Dairy, as its wholly-owned subsidiary, has more than 60 years of professional dairy cattle breeding and management experience. One of the largest dairy cattle breeding service companies.

  invest in the current long-term goal div>

  This cooperation project fully implements the party and the country’s regional integration development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta, responding to the country’s call for the implementation of the dairy industry revitalization action, with a total investment of 360 million yuan After reaching full capacity, it can produce nearly 40,000 tons of raw milk annually. It adopts the world’s most advanced dairy farming equipment and environmental protection technology, and aims to build Funan into a high-quality milk source supply base in the Yangtze River Delta, and at the same time become a sustainable development of the national organic agricultural cycle. The model.

   a combination of pearls for mutual benefit and win-win

   After adequate communication between the two parties, Cao Tao, the deputy magistrate of Funan County, proposed that the government has established a special promotion team for this and will continue to increase support in the future , Strive for the ranch to reach yield as soon as possible. Wang Zan, vice president of Guangming Dairy, party secretary, chairman and general manager of Guangming Dairy, expressed his gratitude to the Funan County Government for its active advancement on behalf of the company. The mission is to work hand in hand with Funan to build a benchmark for the dairy industry in China and even the world, and to contribute to the diversified and refined development of”agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and rural revitalization.