Brazil’s food industry is booming, sales increase 12.8%in 2020
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    The Brazilian Food Industry Association (ABIA) released data on February 24, showing that in 2020, the sales of the Brazilian food industry reached 789.2 billion reals, an increase of 12.8%over 2019. The data integrates domestic market sales and exports, accounting for approximately 10.5%of the gross national product (GDP).

   The Brazilian National News Agency reported that, according to ABIA data, Brazil’s food production in 2020 increased by 1.8%year-on-year. This result was driven by retail sales growth of 16.2%and external sales growth of 11.4%.
   Among all food categories, the highest sales increase was sugar, which increased by 58.6%compared to 2019; followed by vegetable oil and meat, which increased by 21.2%and 13%, respectively. The biggest decline in sales was beverages, which fell by 8.3%; and wheat by-products, which fell by 1.9%.
  ABIA Chairman João Dornellas (Jo?o Dornellas) emphasized:“The food industry took swift action, strictly followed all safety protocols, and managed to increase production without causing food shortages for the Brazilian people. /div>

   In 2020, the export value of the food industry increased by 11.4%year-on-year, reaching 38.2 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 25%of the industry’s total sales in 2020. In 2019, this ratio was 19.2%.
  According to ABIA, the good export data is due to the sharp depreciation of the Brazilian currency and the strong demand for food imports from Asia (especially China).
  ABIA’s data also shows that in 2020, the food industry has created 20,000 new direct jobs, an increase of 1.2%over 2019. The food industry is still the industry that creates the most jobs in the Brazilian manufacturing industry, providing a total of 1.68 million direct jobs.