Brazil sees the EU as the next big market for tilapia, but producers are still faltering due to the ban
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From Intrafish on March 22, the European Union (EU)’s three-year ban on Brazilian seafood exports has not been resolved, disappointing Brazilian tilapia producers. They called on the government to help end the blockade and allow them Try to stimulate market demand for fresh and high-quality fish fillet production lines.

  In recent years, the demand for Brazilian products in the US market has steadily increased.
   In 2020, nearly 6,000 tons of tilapia will be shipped from Brazil to the United States. The target market for exporters is much larger, but due to rising prices in the domestic market, they have to move to other markets.
   Since the end of 2017, Brazil’s seafood exports to the EU have actually been blocked from this lucrative market.
   After visiting Brazil in September 2017, European Union (EU) officials severely criticized the Brazilian agricultural product industry, mainly involving the inspection of agricultural products at Brazilian ports and some processing methods in the industry.
   Tilapia producers are dissatisfied that they continue to be rejected from the EU market, and EU inspectors have found no problems in any fish processing plants.
   Cadu Villaca, the technical director of Conepe, the Brazilian fisheries and processing trade agency, has always believed that although the European Union has pointed out the way for Brazil to return to its market, the Brazilian fishery has failed to take the initiative and implement what it needs to do.
   Brazilian seafood exports are moving towards better data management and availability, transparency and governance. Cadu Villaca stated that as the international market recognizes these efforts, opening up must begin to happen.