Brazil reopened the import of Argentine red shrimp, with a market capacity of more than 20,000 tons
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   On March 2, the Brazilian authorities announced that it would allow Argentine red shrimp to be sold to the Brazilian market. The Argentine Ambassador to Brazil Daniel Scioli tweeted to confirm.

  ” After repeated negotiations with the Embassy, ​​the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil re-approved the import of shrimp from Argentina. In 2013, the Brazilian government took preventive measures and issued this ban. We thank the Brazilian authorities for opening up to Argentina This important market.” Scioli said.
  Scioli also stated that Brazil is the largest seafood consumer market in Latin America, and the annual export value of the Argentine shrimp industry is expected to reach 50 million US dollars.
   However, UCN sources said that although the Brazilian market has reopened, the authorities clearly allow the types of shrimp products to be exported.”The Brazilian authorities only approve the import of shelled and de-threaded shrimp, and the health certificate issued by the Argentine Health Agency (SENASA) has not been recognized by the Brazilian authorities.”
   Argentine company Grupo Veraz sales director Federico Angeleri said, “If Brazil allows the import of HOSO (head and shell), HLSO (head and shell) and PD (shell and thread) products, the future market will be very optimistic. , Especially the first two. We estimate that the Brazilian market can absorb at least 20,000 tons of Argentine red shrimp products without any problems.”
  In order to reopen the Brazilian market, Argentina had negotiated with Brazil for many years. At the beginning of 2020, representatives of the Argentine fisheries department and enterprises met with Brazilian government officials and related enterprises in Brasilia to discuss solutions to the barriers imposed on Argentine exporters in 2013. Argentine enterprises attending the meeting included Pesquera Veraz, Newsan Group, and Grupo Co< em/>narpesa Continental Armadores de Pesca (Conarpesa), Grupo Iberica de Congelados (Iberconsa) and Pesquera Deseado.
   Prior to 2018, Ecuador and Brazil held successful trade negotiations, enabling Ecuadorian white shrimp to regain its export qualifications in the Brazilian market.