“Bingfen three roads” fully launched Luzhou City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspections of school food safety in spring
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  The beginning of the new semester is approaching. In order to further strengthen the food safety supervision of the school and its surroundings, and ensure the “safety on the tip of the tongue” of the teachers and students of the school, on March 1, the Luzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau “divided into three branches” and adopted on-site training , Hidden danger investigation, supervision and random inspection, conducted a comprehensive”health consultation” on the campus food safety situation of Sichuan Police College.
  1. Carry out publicity training
  In the multifunctional conference room of Sichuan Police College, supervisors organized more than 40 employees such as school food safety management personnel, cafeteria directors, cafeteria chefs, etc., to conduct a food safety knowledge publicity and training. The first is to focus on the interpretation of some key laws and regulations related to food safety in the catering process; the second is a detailed analysis of the”Food Safety Practices for Catering Services” in conjunction with related cases; the third is to provide risk warnings for high-risk foods that are likely to cause food poisoning; The fourth is to explain how to carry out emergency response when a group foodborne disease event occurs.
  2. Comprehensive investigation of hidden risks
   Inspection law enforcement officers conducted a comprehensive risk investigation on the food safety status of the school food business store (Ai Yuling Business Department), the first restaurant, the second restaurant of the school canteen, the faculty canteen and other catering service places. The focus is Check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in relevant places and personnel, the implementation of the food safety principal responsibility system and the implementation of the food safety management system, the health management of employees, the purchase inspection, the storage management of food raw materials, the cleaning and disinfection of tableware, the establishment of”three prevention” facilities, and related The environment and sanitation of the premises. For the hidden food safety risks found in the on-site inspection, the inspectors require immediate rectification at the site that can initiate the reform; if the rectification cannot be done immediately, the relevant person in charge shall be required to pass the rectification within a time limit.
  3. Important food supervision and sampling
  In the raw material warehouse of the second restaurant of the school canteen, witnessed by the school personnel, the sampling personnel sampled important bulk food raw materials and condiments (rice, bean paste, and ginger) in three categories on the spot. Archive. Testing agencies will strictly follow the requirements of relevant standards to conduct targeted inspections and tests on high-risk food indicators.
   In the next step, the municipal and district market supervision bureaus will cooperate with the education, health and health departments, and combine the”every ten check restaurant” catering quality and safety improvement action to carry out a one-month period for schools at all levels and types in the city The spring school food safety inspections in the spring, effectively prevent the occurrence of mass food-borne diseases, and protect the health of the majority of teachers and students in the city.