Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy achieves double harvest of revenue and profit in February
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   A few days ago, Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. held a February economic situation briefing. From January to February, Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy has overcome many adverse effects such as the spread of the epidemic and poor logistics, and has always remained stable There is a momentum of development and a double harvest of revenue and profits.
   Since the beginning of the year, Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Industry has relied on the dairy industry revitalization action to promote the development of China’s dairy industry from an overall perspective. Seize the historical opportunity proposed by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to”lay a good job in cold black soil, green organic, non-GMO golden signs, and cultivate a number of well-known national products and brands” to extend the brand effect and enhance the brand’s potential. Under the strategic deployment of the Beidahuang Group’s Party Committee (Expanded) Meeting proposed to “build Wandashan into a tens of billions of enterprises and promote the company’s listing”, through improving market sales performance, strengthening market activation measures, and creating new sales growth points, Measures such as standardizing the order of market operations, consolidating sales performance, and expanding profitability.
   In the past two years, Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy has restarted its IPO and actively embraced the capital market. At the same time, by increasing the investment in project construction and advertising promotion, the company’s production capacity and brand influence have been greatly improved; the management structure has been restructured, and the”headquarters + business department” management model has been created to improve management efficiency; comprehensively promote the renewal and upgrade of products and packaging. Standardize market order and increase product prices. In the end, a high-speed operation mode with continuous optimization of management mode, continuous improvement of work efficiency, continuous development of enterprise innovation, and continuous enhancement of overall development momentum has been formed.
   At present, Wandashan Dairy has realized the systematic improvement of R&D, production, sales, distribution and other links. During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, it helps dealers to open up markets and develop through cost subsidies, policy incentives, and personnel support. Customers and improved performance have formed a strong atmosphere for enterprises and businessmen to work together to overcome difficulties, which further stimulated the confidence and enthusiasm of dealers and enterprises to cooperate, and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results.