Atlantic Sapphire loses about 500,000 salmon in Miami farm
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  From Intrafish’s news on March 25, following the onshore salmon producer Atlantic Sapphire’s another large-scale death in its aquaculture business in Miami, some analysts expect salmon production in 2021 to drop by 20%.

   The company reported on Tuesday that the onshore salmon farm in Miami lost 500 tons of salmon and blamed it on “weaknesses” in the RAS. The company said that when the accident occurred, a large amount of particles were allowed to flow into the biological filter from the drum filter (particle filtration system).
   The company’s statement stated that the estimated loss of 500 tons of decapitated fish is equivalent to about 5%of the company’s first-phase annual catch, with an average weight of about 1 kg. It is expected that this event will eventually lead to a 20%decline in the company’s annual revenue, and the total loss of 500 tons of fish lost is about 500,000 salmon. Calculated at 4 kg (market weight), the total harvest loss in 2021 will reach 2,000 tons.
   In March 2020, a death incident occurred in a farming system of Atlantic Sapphire, Denmark, and about 227,000 salmon were lost. Then at the end of July, Atlantic Sapphire’s US subsidiary was forced to implement an emergency fishing of nearly 200,000 salmon.