Argentine squid (in-line) catches increase, prices go down
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   UCN sources reported that the production of Argentine squid (in-line) fluctuates. This year’s new production season started on January 16th. At the beginning of the season, the catch was in good condition, with a daily output of 20-30 tons per vessel. Then the weather changed and the output plummeted to 5-10 tons; the output returned to the end of February. 20-30 tons.

   According to data from the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture, as of March 3, the production of Argentine squid reached 50,928 tons, an increase of 4%over the same period last year. Juan Redini, chairman of the Argentine Squid Industry Association, believes that from the current situation, it is impossible to predict this year’s production trend, but this year’s production season cycle may be shorter than last year.
   In 2020, the export of Argentine squid products has increased significantly. The annual export volume reached 148,255 tons, an increase of 76%over the previous year; the export value reached 396 million US dollars, an increase of 88%.
   In an interview with local media in early March, Redini said that in addition to the fluctuations in production, the Argentine fleet is also facing many difficulties, especially in the European and Chinese markets.”Some European countries are still under blockade, and the situation in China is not optimistic. The container will stay in the port for more than a month. The situation is very complicated. We do not recommend selling to China for the time being.”
  Redini said that there are hundreds of Chinese fishing boats off the coast of Argentina. Regardless of how much they catch every day, their monthly output can reach 90,000 tons. They flowed to the same market as Argentine products, and the price of (whole fish) dropped to $2,000/t, or even lower.
   In addition, the squid season on Falkland Island has also started in February. Alberto Lorenzo, sales director of Spanish fishery company Pescapuerta, told UCN:”February 10-23 is the trial fishing period for Falkland, and the production season officially starts on February 26. As of now, 10-12cm fish catches are the majority.”
  ”Before the new season’s catch is shipped to Europe, Vigo, Spain has no 10-12cm squid inventory, and the 12-15cm inventory will start selling in March.” Lorenzo said.
   From February 24 to March 2, the total squid production of Falkland Island reached 5,380 tons, which was less than the 5,831 tons in the same period last year.