Argentine squid catches by the end of March this year are higher than the same period in 2020
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From FiS March 23 news, as of March 17, Argentina squid catches 74058 tons, the current catch is higher than the same period in 2020, but the daily output has dropped sharply, the commercial sector requires the Federal Fisheries Commission to promote the opening of fishing in the northern region .

  After consultation with the National Institute of Fisheries of Argentina (INIDEP), the parliamentarians approved the fishing activities and unanimously decided to start fishing for the Argentine squid located north of 44 degrees south latitude at midnight on March 22.
  According to official statistics, the catch in January was 10,000 tons, twice that of 2020; the catch in February was about 41,000 tons, which was about 2,000 tons less than last year. As of the first quarter of March 31, 2020, the catch was 17,000 tons, and the catch as of March 17 this year has reached 23,000 tons.
   Although the catch has increased, it has not been effectively maintained. In the last few weeks, the catch has dropped sharply. The industry is not optimistic about the 2021 fishing season and believes that they will not be able to reach a high fishing level.