Anshan City Market Supervision Administration issued new regulations to standardize the management of canteens before school starts
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   School is about to start. In order to ensure that there are no dead ends in the prevention and control of the epidemic in canteens and catering companies, and to ensure the safety of campus food, recently, Anshan City Market Supervision and Administration has issued a series of regulations to ensure the safety of meals in school canteens and catering companies.
   Anshan City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau requires that the staff of canteens and catering companies must have a nucleic acid test report and health certificate within 72 hours before they can work; the warehouse requires zero inventory, and all ingredients must be re-purchased; the tools used in the kitchen must be comprehensive Decontamination, the seasonings used are put in daily, cleaned every day, and the seasoning box is disinfected every day; all staff who enter the back kitchen are required to wear masks, hats, and gloves; the back kitchen must be operated in strict accordance with the color code management; food processing must Be cooked and cooked thoroughly.
   There are now 158 schools with canteens in Anshan, involving more than 140,000 people. There are 23 collective catering companies that provide meals for schools throughout the region, involving more than 130 schools where more than 123,900 people eat. There was no campus food safety incident in 2020.