Anqing Economic and Technological Development Zone Market Supervision Bureau launches catering service link food safety risk investigation work
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   In order to effectively protect the health of the people before and after the Spring Festival, strictly prevent the occurrence of catering food safety accidents and the spread of epidemics, and standardize the order of catering food production and operation, the Anqing Economic Development Zone Market Supervision Bureau carried out a centralized inspection and rectification of hidden food safety risks in the catering service.

   highlight key points and strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers. This investigation and rectification focused on large and medium-sized social catering service operators, and checked the hidden risks of catering service operators in terms of epidemic prevention and control and food safety, so that they should be thoroughly investigated without leaving dead ends. For the hidden risks found during the investigation, if the rectification can be done immediately, the rectification shall be ordered on the spot; if the rectification cannot be done immediately, the rectification shall be in place within a time limit, and the rectification shall be tracked.

   regulate order and strengthen epidemic prevention and control. Supervise operators to fully implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and strictly implement prevention and control measures such as temperature testing, health codes, wearing masks, morning inspections, hand washing and disinfection, etc. of employees. Conscientiously implement the temperature detection of customers entering the store, check the”health code”, strictly control the number of diners and the distance between seats, and provide epidemic prevention and control meal systems such as public spoons and chopsticks.

   Up to now, Economic Development Zone Market Supervision BureauA total of 41 large and medium-sized catering units have been investigated , 35 hidden dangers were discovered, of which 6 were immediately rectified on the spot, and 27 were rectified within a time limit.