Announcement on the Risk Control of Unqualified Food by the Market Supervision Bureau of Huai’an City (No. 8 of 2021)
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   Announcement of 9 batches of unqualified food from Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau (No. 16 of 2021) involves a business enterprise in Huai’an, which will now be unqualified The notice of food risk control is as follows:

   (1) Basic situation of random inspection. Announcement (No. 16 of 2021) concerning bullfrogs sold by Huaian Runhuai Commercial Co., Ltd., furazolidone metabolites do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Announcement No. 250. The inspection agency is the Nanjing Customs Animal, Plant and Food Inspection Center.

   (2) Risk control of operating enterprises. Law enforcement officers of Huaiyin District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Huai’an City delivered an unqualified inspection report to Huai’an Runhuai Commercial Co., Ltd. on December 8, 2020, and carried out on-site inspections of business premises. After investigation, the parties concerned purchased from Xia Zhimei (Xia Zhihua), a vegetable farm on Huaihai Road, Huai’an City on October 21, 2020. They purchased 12.5 kilograms of bullfrogs and sampled 2.22 kilograms. By the time of the on-site inspection, the batch of unqualified bullfrogs had been sold. The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Huaiyin District, Huai’an City urged business operators to recall substandard products in accordance with the law. Because the batch of bullfrogs were sold to unspecified groups of people, the parties failed to recall them.

  Huai’an Market Supervision Administration

   March 26, 2012