Announcement of Tianmen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on the Verification and Disposal of Traditional Early Disqualified Food (No. 2 of 2021)
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  1. Basic information
  According to the relevant requirements of the food safety supervision and sampling inspection of Hubei Province in 2020, the Tianmen City Market Supervision Administration commissioned Hubei Essence Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. on November 17, 2020 to process and sell”fried fried dumplings” in accordance with the law. The “oil ring” was randomly sampled and inspected. The inspection report (No.:Z2010538001, No.:Z2010539001) issued by Hubei Essence Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. on November 17, 2020 showed that after sampling inspection, the aluminum residue (dry sample, calculated as Al) did not meet the requirements According to the requirements of GB 2760-2014″National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives”, the inspection conclusion is unqualified.
  Second, check the handling situation
   (1) Investigation situation
   On November 30, 2020, the law enforcement officers of this Bureau, together with Hubei Essence Testing and Certification Co., Ltd., conducted random inspections on the”fried fried dumplings” and”oil rings” processed and sold by the parties, and the inspection concluded that they were unqualified. The behavior of the parties is suspected of violating the provisions of Article 34, Paragraph 1, Item (2) of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. The sampling base of”fried fried dumplings” processed and sold by the parties is 15 and the sampling base of”oil ring” is 10. The sales prices of”fried fried dumplings” and”you ring” are both:1 yuan/piece.
   Upon investigation, the party concerned has ceased processing and business activities in mid-November 2020, and his whereabouts are still unknown, and it is impossible to investigate and inquire about him. Therefore, the sales amount and illegal income of the “fried fried dumplings” and “oil rings” processed and sold by the party concerned It cannot be calculated either.
   (2) Investigation and handling of the situation
   Since the party has stopped the illegal act and the whereabouts of the party is unknown, no further investigation can be carried out. According to the”Interim Provisions on Administrative Punishment Procedures for Market Supervision and Administration”, Article 43, Paragraph 1, Item 4,”In any of the following circumstances, the case investigation shall be suspended with the approval of the person in charge of the market supervision and management department:Item (4) is due to the whereabouts of the parties It is not clear that the case cannot be investigated temporarily. This agency decided:1. To suspend the investigation of the case; 2. To impose no punishment on the party’s illegal acts.
   The above facts are provided by the”On-site Records”, basic information of the parties, on-site photos of the business premises,”Certificates”,”Sampling List for Food Safety Supervision of Hubei Province” and”Inspection Report” (№:Z2010538001, №:Z2010539001) and delivered Evidence such as return evidence shall be confirmed.
Tianmen Market Supervision Administration
March 19, 2021