Announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Issuing the National Supervision and Spot Check Plan for Product Quality in 2021 (No. 11 of 2021)
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  In accordance with the”Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and”Interim Measures for the Administration of Product Quality Supervision and Spot Checks”, the State Administration of Market Supervision comprehensively analyzes and judges the product quality and safety situation, and fully listens to the opinions of all sectors of society It is recommended that the”National Supervision and Sampling Check Plan for Product Quality in 2021″ was organized and formulated, which is now released.
   National supervision and spot check on product quality in 2021, implement the requirements of the”14th Five-Year Plan” of national economic and social development, focus on the comprehensive implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country by quality, adhere to the people’s livelihood orientation and problem orientation, and adhere to production and distribution, online and online Under integrated supervision, more emphasis will be placed on consumer products for people’s livelihood and products for special populations, and more focus on safety indicators and key performance indicators. The sampling plan includes a total of 137 kinds of products, including 36 kinds of electronic and electrical products, 6 kinds of agricultural production materials, 19 kinds of construction and decoration materials, 7 kinds of electrical and material products, 23 kinds of machinery and security products, and 20 kinds of daily-use and textile products. , 14 kinds of durable consumer goods, 12 kinds of food-related products.
  The State Administration of Market Supervision will carefully organize and carry out national supervision and random inspections of product quality in accordance with the random inspection plan, announce the results of the random inspections in a timely manner, and investigate and deal with violations of product quality in accordance with the law. While carrying out national supervision and spot checks as planned, the State Administration of Market Supervision will also adjust the content of the spot checks as appropriate according to the actual situation, and organize special supervision and spot checks on unplanned products.
  Market Supervision Administration
  March 25, 2021
   2021 National Supervision and Random Inspection Plan for Product Quality
   (137 types)
  1. Electronic appliances (36 types)
  1. Household appliances (20 types):room air conditioners, refrigerators, household electric washing machines, storage-type electric water heaters, room heaters, range hoods, kitchen machinery, dishwashers, induction cookers, electric kettles , Electric oven and baking appliances, electric blankets, dehumidifiers, tableware disinfection cabinets, skin and hair care appliances, massage appliances, fabric steamers, air purifiers, humidifiers, electric hand warmers
  2. Electronic products (13 types):power adapters, active speakers, color TVs, LCD monitors, driving recorders, mobile power supplies, microcomputers, laptops, scanners, servers, routers, beauty instruments, elderly Mobile phone
  3. Lighting sources and lamps (3 types):fixed general-purpose lamps, LED control devices, self-ballasted LED lamps
  二. Agricultural production materials (6 types)
  1. Chemical fertilizer (2 kinds):compound fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer
  2. Agricultural machinery (2 types):pump, rice and wheat combine harvester
  3. Agricultural plastic products (2 types):drip tape, agricultural film
  3. Construction and decoration materials (19 kinds)
  1. Building materials (5 types):hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, aluminum alloy building profiles, building waterproof membranes, new wall materials (bricks and blocks), cement
  2. Decoration materials (14 types):smart toilets, ceramic toilets, ceramic sheet sealing faucets, ceramic tiles, shower heads, household stainless steel sinks, bathroom furniture, hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) ) Pipes, non-contact faucets, heating radiators, solvent-based wood coatings, medium density fiberboards, particleboards, fire doors
  4. Electrical and material products (7 types)
  1. Low-voltage electrical appliances and electrical accessories (4 types):extension cord sockets (with power adapters), residual current operated circuit breakers for household and similar purposes, overcurrent protection circuit breakers for households and similar places, and plugs for household and similar purposes Socket
  2. Metal materials (2 kinds):grinding wheel, steel wire rope
  3. Other electrical products (1 type):wire and cable

  5. Machinery and security products (23 types)
  1. Vehicle-related products (10 types):automotive brake linings, automotive tires, brake hoses, automotive seat belts, automotive exterior lighting and light signal devices, motorcycle occupant helmets, automotive brake fluids , Engine lubricating oil, car urea water solution, car gasoline detergent
  2. Explosion-proof electrical (3 types):explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof electrical appliances
  3. Labor protection supplies (4 types):non-medical masks, safety belts, safety nets, safety helmets
  4. Safety technical protection products (6 types):locks, electronic locks, hazardous chemical packaging (metal barrels, cans), hazardous chemical packaging (steel barrels), hazardous chemical packaging (aerosols) Packaging), RMB discriminator
  6. Daily use and textiles (20 kinds)
  1. Children’s and student supplies (8 types):toys, children’s shoes, clothing for children and infants, strollers, restraint systems for motor vehicle occupants, sports helmets, student stationery, children’s furniture
  2. Textiles (8 types):casual clothing, shirts, bedding, leather clothing, women’s underwear, pajamas, home wear, down clothing, duvets
  3. Bags and shoes (3 types):travel bags, leather shoes, sports shoes
  4. Fireworks (1 type)
  7. Durable consumer goods (14 types)
  1. Household gas appliances (3 types):household gas stoves, household gas instant water heaters, gas heating water heaters
  2. Furniture (3 types):wooden furniture, sofa, brown fiber elastic mattress
  3. Glasses products (4 types):eyeglass lenses, eyeglass frames, sunglasses, presbyopic mirrors
  4. Other durable consumer goods (5 types):bicycles, electric bicycles, balance bikes, commode chairs
  8. Food-related products (12 kinds)
   Composite film bags, non-composite film bags, melamine plastic tableware, plastic disposable tableware, plastic bottles for infants and young children, paper cups, food contact paper containers, pressure cookers, industrial and commercial electric food processing equipment, industrial and commercial Electric food processing equipment, dishwashing detergent, disposable bamboo and wooden chopsticks