Announcement of the Nanchong City Market Supervision Administration on the Verification and Disposal of a Batch of Unqualified Foods (No. 2 of 2021)
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  According to the requirements of the State Administration for the disclosure of information on the inspection and disposal of unqualified foods in random inspections, the inspection and disposal of a batch of unqualified foods involving our city is now notified as follows:
  1. Special vinegar produced by Sichuan Langzhou Vinegar Co., Ltd.
   (1) Basic situation of random inspection
   During the implementation of the 2020 General Administration Sampling Plan, Sichuan Provincial Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Institute sampled a batch of special vinegars from Cangxi County Century Hualian Shopping Center Co., Ltd. which was claimed to be produced by Sichuan Langzhou Vinegar Co., Ltd. (Specification model:800 ml/bottle, production date:June 29, 2020). After inspection, the total number of colonies was unqualified.
   (2) Inspection and Disposal of Production Process
  1. Administrative penalty
   After the application of the company, Langzhong Bureau conducted random inspections of the special vinegar of the same batch of Sichuan Langzhou Vinegar Industry Co., Ltd., and was inspected by Sichuan Lancheng Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and found it to be a qualified product. After investigation, the batch of products sold by Cangxi Century Hualian Shopping Center Co., Ltd. were purchased from Ludepeng Dry Grocery Store in Linjiang Town, Cangxi County. The law enforcement officers found that when the batch of products were stored in the warehouse of Ludepeng Dry Grocery Store, the storage environment was unhygienic and the unqualified products were caused by improper storage. If the fact that the party violated the law is not established, the case shall be closed.
  2. Troubleshoot and rectify
  Cause investigation:The storage environment of the sales enterprise is unsanitary.
   rectification measures:take the initiative to recall the batch of products. The recalled products will be destroyed, and process management will be strictly strengthened in the follow-up to ensure product quality and safety.
   If consumers find food safety violations such as operating the above batches of unqualified food, they can call the consumer complaint hotline 12315 to report.
   Nanchong City Market Supervision Administration
   March 1, 2021