Announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China
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   According to the”Pesticide Management Regulations”,”Pesticide Registration Management Measures”,”Pesticide Registration Test Management Measures” and other relevant regulations, the announcement is as follows.
  After data review, on-site inspection and comprehensive review, 5 units including Liaoning Qianyi Testing and Evaluation Technology Development Co., Ltd. were approved as pesticide registration test units with a validity period of five years.
  After data review and comprehensive review, the change of certificate information of 4 pesticide registration test units including the Shandong Institute of Pesticide Science and Technology, including the Residue Testing Technology Institute, was approved.
   hereby announces.
  1. Pesticide registration test unit and test scope
  2. Change list of pesticide registration test unit certificate information
   Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  March 23, 2021