Announcement of the Jiangsu Agricultural Society on the establishment of 9 group standards including the”Technical Specification for Integrated Pond Ecological Farming of Chinese Eriocheir Crab”
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All relevant units:

   According to the”Administrative Measures for Group Standards of the Jiangsu Agricultural Society (Trial)”, the Professional Technical Committee of the Society’s Group Standards completed the”Chinese Velvet” on March 29, 2021. Project review of 9 group standards including”Integrated Technical Specifications for Ecological Farming of Crab Crab Ponds” (see appendix). After review, all the declared group standards meet the project approval requirements, and the project is approved.

   All drafting units and individuals are requested to strictly follow the standard preparation requirements, carefully organize and coordinate, solicit opinions extensively, enhance the applicability and effectiveness of the standard, and ensure that the standard preparation is high Quality and level.

   If any unit or individual has any objection to this standard item, please feedback the opinion to the Group Standards Office of Jiangsu Agricultural Society within 5 days from the announcement date.

   Contact person:Chen Xingxing


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   hereby announces.

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   Jiangsu Agricultural Society

   March 30, 2021