Announcement of Special Food Supervision and Sampling Inspection Results before New Year’s Day in Chengdu in 2021
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  Before the New Year’s Day, the Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized the whole system to carry out special foods before the New Year’s Day in accordance with the 2021 annual food safety sampling plan during the critical period of”Spring Thunder 2021″ and cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control enforcement actions. Supervise and conduct random inspections. The products to be inspected mainly include edible agricultural products, meat products, wine, and confectionery products. The results of this random inspection are reported as follows.
  1. The basic situation of supervision and sampling
   During the supervision and sampling inspection, a total of 200 batches of samples were taken during the business process, including 80 batches of edible agricultural products, 50 batches of meat products, 40 batches of wine, and 30 batches of confectionery products. The district (city) and county market supervision administrations and Chengdu Food and Drug Inspection and Research Institute are in accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”Food Safety Sampling Inspection Management Measures” (State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration Order No. 15),”Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Inspection” And Risk Monitoring Work Regulations” and”National Food Safety Supervision Sampling Inspection Implementation Rules” specifically implement sampling and inspection, and issue inspection results in accordance with relevant national food standards.
  Second, supervision and sampling results
   There are a total of 200 batches of random inspections in this supervision, and all the inspected items of the selected samples are qualified.
   See the attachment for the special food supervision and sampling inspection before New Year’s Day in 2021.
  3. Special tips
   For specific information on the results of this issue of food safety supervision and random inspection, please log in to the government affairs disclosure column of the Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Administration website.
  Attachment:1. Summary of qualified samples for Chengdu special food supervision and sampling before New Year’s Day 2021
  2. This inspection item
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