Announcement of Shanxi Provincial Health Commission on Soliciting Proposals for the Establishment of Local Food Safety Standards in 2021
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  According to the relevant provisions of the”Shanxi Province Food Safety Local Standard Management Measures”, our committee will openly solicit 2021 food safety local standard project proposals from the public from now on. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:
  1. Project conditions and scope
   (1) The project proposal should comply with the”Food Safety Law” and other relevant laws, regulations and policies, meet the needs of food safety supervision and the development of the food industry, and have no overlap or overlap with the current national food safety standards and Shanxi provincial food safety local standards .
   (2) The scope of the project should meet the provisions of Article 26 and Article 29 of the Food Safety Law, and there are no local special foods in our province that have no national food safety standards. Local specialty foods refer to foods with more than 30 years of traditional eating habits in some regions, including local-specific food raw materials and foods produced using traditional techniques that involve food safety indicators or that cannot be covered by existing national food safety standards. Local standards include food safety requirements for local specialty foods, inspection methods and procedures that match the standards for local specialty foods, and hygienic requirements for the production and operation processes that match local specialty foods.
  Second, project declaration requirements
   (1) The project proposal should have a preliminary scientific research foundation, including the problems to be solved, the project background and reasons, the standard application scope and technical requirements, the existing risk monitoring and evaluation basis, and the relevant domestic and foreign standards.
   (2) The proposal for the establishment of the project includes candidate units for the standard drafting project. The project undertaker shall be an authoritative scientific research institution, educational institution, academic group or industry association in the relevant field, with relevant work experience in standard development, and be able to provide corresponding guarantee conditions to ensure that the standard drafting is completed on time and quality. Encourage project undertaking units to form a collaborative group with related units to jointly undertake the standard drafting work.
   (3) The project proposal should not overlap with the national food safety standard projects that have been established or are being carried out by the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other relevant ministries and commissions.
  3. Time limit and procedures for submission
   (1) When applying for project proposal, the”Shanxi Provincial Food Safety Local Standard System (Revision) Project Application Form” (see attachment) should be filled out and stamped with the official seal of the unit, and then mailed to with relevant scientific literature and other supporting materials Department of Drug Policy and Food Safety Monitoring, Shanxi Provincial Health Commission. At the same time, the electronic copies of the above materials will be sent to the mailbox:[email protected]
   (2) The deadline for project proposal solicitation is May 6, 2021.
  Contact person:Li Gang Zhang Xiaofang
  Tel:0351-3580882 0351-3580287
   Mailing address:99 Jianshe North Road, Taiyuan City
  Postal code:030013