Anhui builds”Food Safety Anhui” public food safety brand
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   A few days ago, the General Office of the Anhui Provincial Government issued the”Implementation Opinions on the Building of the”Food Safety Anhui” Brand”, proposing to build a”Food Safety Anhui” in the food industry of the province.”Public brand”, during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period to cultivate 3000″Food Safety Anhui” food production and operation enterprises (including edible agricultural products and food production, circulation, and catering service enterprises), 50 edible agricultural products and food production bases (parks), There are 50 food safety districts (small towns) and 60 food safety demonstration counties. By 2025, a”Food Safety Anhui” brand cultivation, certification and demonstration system will be established to form a new food industry with standardized production, industrialized operations, and branded marketing. Structure, build a modern food industry system with reasonable layout and outstanding advantages.

   has a clear opinion that Anhui Province will register the”Food Safety Anhui” public brand trademark as the overall image brand of the food industry and food safety in Anhui Province; formulate”Food Safety Anhui”Brand Standards, implement special actions for standard formulation; publish the”Food Safety Anhui” brand creation guidance catalog, authorize the use of the”Food Safety Anhui” brand logo for enterprises and other units that have passed the certification evaluation; regularly publish and promote the”Food Safety Anhui” brand logo to the society”Anhui” brand list; comprehensive use of project subsidies, targeted funding, loan interest discounts, risk compensation and other preferential measures to support the implementation of fiscal and tax preferential policies for brand enterprises in the food real economy.

   Opinions require that all localities and departments should always take food safety as a major political task, and increase the enforcement of law enforcement equipment, inspection and testing capabilities, informatization, and traceability Investment in systems, technology support systems, etc.; encourage and guide funds to be invested in food safety infrastructure, food safety governance systems and governance capacity building; focus on the”Food Safety Anhui” brand building work, strengthen overall planning, strengthen follow-up scheduling, and supervise inspections And effect evaluation.

  According to statistics from the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, as of the end of 2020, there were 10241 food production enterprises, 458,448 food operators, and 203128 catering service providers in our province. , 63 special food production enterprises. Among them, there are 2,183 regulated food industry enterprises with operating income of 317.53 billion yuan, accounting for 8.4%of the province’s total industrial revenue.